Course Dates & Gift Vouchers

Courses & Gift Vouchers:

  • Running a run a variety of wet felting and needle felting courses
  • Studio is situated on a working farm nr Stafford UK. Although I often teach in a lovely village hall
  • If you do not see a course date that suits you, then please contact me- I could pop a new course date together for you 
  • All courses are inclusive of wool fibres, silky bits & bobs, equipment and a hand out as you can reminder of how you made your master piece. Refreshments and Full day -lovely light lunch
  • But the most important thing is that you complete a unique piece of felt art using either wet felting or needle felting and to take it home and be proud of
  • If you would like to pay half as a deposit and half on the day of the workshop, then please email me
  • All of my workshops start at 10am but please arrive a bit earlier if you’d like a cup of tea and we can get started on time
  • Terms & Conditions below

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GIFT Voucher £15.00 :
GIFT Voucher £30.00 :
GIFT Voucher £65.00 :

Christmas offer only- Taster Classes

Want to see what Feltmaking is all about?

Themed wet felted pictures  – Times: 11am -12.30am – Only £15
All materials and refreshments included
21st January£15.00 :
28th January£15.00 :
3rd February£15.00 :


Seamless bags, slippers or ipad covers

21st January – Venue: Tixall Village Hall,  Tixall, Stafford ST18 0XT 
  Half day -Pictures only 10am -12.30pm Please enquire
OR Full day 10am  -3.45pm –  Includes lunch/All materials
  I will be running a variety of techniques on any given date as it is always far more fun to have more people to have a natter and share your ideas with.
A felt bag, picture, tea cosy or slippers.
You will learn how to complete a 3 dimensional shape using a relief. The coolest thing is that there will be no sewing at all.
Your bag or slippers will be hand washable and very durable…remember felt has survived longer than us!
If you would like to join us for half a day, then you can make a small bowl, glasses case or purse.
21st January – Venue: Tixall Village Hall,  Tixall, Stafford ST18 0XT
Please enquire if you do not see a date that suits you. Pay a deposit- pay half now & half on the day?
21stJanuary£65.00 :
28th January£65.00 :
10th February£65.00 :

3rd March£65.00 :
18th March£65.00 :
8th April£65.00 :

 Wet felted pictures, footstool and upholster it in a day or scarf making

21st January – Venue: Tixall Village Hall,  Tixall, Stafford ST18 0XT 
Half day -Pictures only 9.45am -12.30pm Please enquire
Full day 10am  -3.45pm –  Includes lunch/All materials
  Wet felting is such fun where you can be free with 100% lambs wool fibres and  create in an abstract or painterly way.
You will mix your colours to create landscapes, or any scene you would like to bring along. You really do not have to be artistic – just relax and enjoy the process!
 There will also be the opportunity to incorporated some scrummy bits and bobs, recycled and silky shimmers if you like texture. You may like to use your piece as a wall-hanging, cushion panel or  footstool. You just need to bring a picture or a brief idea along or I have images images, books or examples that you may like to work from.
  On booking, you must give 1 week notice of the shape of your foot stool -Size 10” square. Additional cost for the foot stool materials (wood, foam,4 feet) only £15 payable on the day or bring your own stool to the same dimensions.

Nuno Felted Scarves or Warm Woolly Scarves

What is Nuno? Well let me explain a little about it – By melding a loose fibre i.e.usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as a silk gauze or a very fine cloth , when felted the wool shrinks to leave a beautiful subtle texture on the silk that is created by no other technique, creating texture and drape which lends itself to beautiful movement required in a scarf.
Or you may like to make a lovely woolly scarf , the choice is completely yours!
I have a variety of scarves available to purchase from £7 -£12 but please feel free to bring your FINE scarf -silk or even a polyester (very fine) will work too.
21st January – Venue: Tixall Village Hall,  Tixall, Stafford ST18 0XT
Please enquire if you do not see a date that suits you. Pay a deposit- pay half now & half on the day?
21st January£65.00 :
28th January£65.00 :
13th February£65.00 :

17th March£65.00 :
15th April£65.00 :
8th May£65.00 :

Needle Felting or wet felting- pictures,bowl or 3D animals

Half Day 12.45 -3.30pm
Please email if you would like a full day and cover needle felting, bowls and a small picture £60.00
  Please pay deposit £30 and state full day
Some people just don’t like the feel of wet wool on their skin so this course is great for you.
 Christmas Themed – Make a cute robin, owl or Penguine decoration, a Christmas stocking and picture -yes in 1 day 🙂 
  You could either make a needle felted picture without all of that water, soap and rubbing and use barbed needles instead.
You just need to bring a picture with you for inspiration, the possibilities are endless 🙂
Half day –simple needle felted animal or picture. 
Full day-you will make an animal using a wire armature (legs & arm included 🙂

Or you may like to choose – Wet felted bowls & Pictures – State half day or full day when booking
We will be using 100% natural lamb’s wool fibres, alpaca and even incorporating beautiful dyed silks and recycled materials into our felt pictures.
Half day– small bowl & 5”x5” picture
Full day- you will make a larger bowl and a larger detailed picture due to the time that you have.
The three dimension bowls are delightful and look great to pop your little bits of jewelry in at your bed side, or beware,  husbands have been known to hijack them to drop their loose change into!
It never ceases to amaze me how felt fibres can be transformed into 3 dimensional objects, and without any sewing at all.

Please enquire if you do not see a date that suits you. Pay a deposit- pay half now & half on the day?
28th January£30.00 :
17th February £30.00 :
10thMarch£30.00 :

17th March£65.00 :
15th April£65.00 :
8th May£65.00 :

Mixed Media Courses -For adults and children

Taster – 10am -11.15pm OR  FULL DAY -Introduction to fun printing
Half day – 10am-12.30pm – Printing techniques
OR Full day 10am -3.45pm  Includes all 3 activities plus a lovely light lunch/All materials 

If you have ever wanted to learn 3 techniques in one day, then today is the day to come along and have some messy creative fun. You will learn colour mixing and mark making to get you into the swing of things, followed by Batik and then learn the amazing art of printing using a Gelli Plate.
You do not have to be creative or have painted before and you will be amazed at what you will take home at the end of the day. 
 Please select your dates below or enquire about paying a deposit- pay half now & half on the day
13th February £30.00 :
20th February£30.00 :
11th March£65.00 :

NEW – Two day creative weekend – Hide away in beautiful converted barn

Wet felting, Nuno Scarf, Slippers, Footstools, Needle felting -You choose

Due to being asked many times if I run weekend creative experiences I have decided to run them in 2018,
spend 1 or 2 nights in a lovely converted barn complex right here in our beautiful countryside in the heart of Staffordshire.
  You will have the opportunity to play with the wool fibres and learn many techniques from: Footstools, Pictures, Seamless Bags or Nuno Felted Scarves and not forgetting Needle Felting of course
  Watch this space for more information or inquire to express an interest.

Other Courses – Children’s wet feltmaking portraits: wet-felting -Includes all materials

Please enquire about this fun children’s 2 1/2 hour workshop. Popular over half term and weekend creative fun time.
  I supply all of the wool tops, juice and biscuit to keep the children’s going in the fulling process :-).
  Children -Ages 7 yr to 12yrs. Parents will need to stay and help their little ones to make their very own mug shot.
It will look fabulous framed.
  Please enquire -Price from £95- £125.00

Have fun learning gelly plate printing and cover a note book..and other courses.

Monday day workshops & Wednesday evenings [br]

Evenings 6.30pm -9pm or Day 10am -12.30pm

Would you like to learn a printing techniques where mistakes are always happy accidents?
Well come along to one of my fun gelly plate printing classes to find out more. We will use a gelatin base instead of a piece of glass to lay base colours on to and roll the paints and then we have fun with mark making and stenciling to create the most amazing patterns.
I will be running a series of creative painting classes in Batik, painting and mixed media throughout the winter, please express an interest  You really do not have to be artistic – just relax and enjoy the processes!
Note book free
 Please select your dates below or enquire about paying a deposit- pay half now & half on the day
27th January :
3rd March :
21st April :

My courses mainly take place at Feltworld Studio, near Stafford. But on occasion I run courses in a quaint church halls near to Stafford and can arrange locations near you if there are sufficient numbers attending.

Term & Conditions:
  1. To secure a place on a course, the full amount of the course fee is payable in advance .
  2. Please bear in mind that on booking a place on a Feltworld course is similar to booking a seat at the theatre and “the show must go on”. Therefore should you need to cancel your place on a course for any reason, the cancellation charges are as follows: Cancellation within 21+ days of course date = 50% of course fee payable unless place is re-filled. Cancellation within 0-14 days of course date = 75% of course fee payable unless place is re-filled. Cancellation within 0-7 days of course date = 100% of course fee payable unless place is re-filled.
  3. Sometimes courses are over subscribed so we hold a waiting list and MAY be able to re-fill a place, but if you are unable to attend you are welcome to send someone in your place. Please let us know your replacement’s name, phone number and email address as soon as possible before the course date.
Information on my courses:
  • All materials with expert step by step tuition in small groups in my studio. 
  • Half day courses -£30 10am -12.30pm or 1pm – 3.30 
  • Full day start time 10am – 3.30pm  £60/£65 Unless otherwise stated
  • Children’s parties with school artist in residence days are available.
  • Gift Vouchers make an excellent birthday or celebration gift for friends and family
  • All full day courses have a lovely light lunch included
  • Local accommodation available if needed,  close to beautiful Cannock Chase
  • Please pay PayPal & select & ‘family or a friend’ – email address: or Tel: 07966 944817
  • If you do not see a course that suits you I can adapt most courses to cover what you would like to learn – Please ask!
  • Enquiries may be made via the contact form or above email address
* All images are the Copyright of Barbara Meek at Feltworld



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If you do not see a course or date that suits you then please enquire as I am flexible and will discuss putting a course together for you.